Defford Village Hall.                                                   

Mondays 9.30am      Flex-ability                                     

Tuesdays 6.30pm     Flex-ability  

   Thursdays 9.30am       Body Sculpt

Birlingham Village Hall.                                                     

Fridays 9.30am         Flex-ability

Pershore, Riverside Youth Centre.                                                                         

Thursdays 3.30pm   Flex-ability

Please book-in for classes as they are very busy and I cannot guarantee there will be a space.

You can call or text me on 07954 544595, or email

Flex-ability - wear non-restrictive clothing - footwear not required. Bring a cushion and water to drink.

Body Sculpt - wear non-restrictive clothing, trainers, bring water and band if you have one. Mats supplied.

**Flex-ability exercises**

1. Overhead arm extensions.
Link the fingers and turn your hands over so the palms are facing down. Lift both arms above your head. Keep them straight and as far back as you can go. Relax your shoulders, toes and stomach, but tighten the thighs. Take 5 deep breaths in and out, then relax the arms down.

2. Elbow curls.
Take your arms so that the elbows are in line with the shoulders out to the side and in an ā€˜Lā€™ shape with your hands in a loose fist. Bring the elbows and hands together in front of you and then push back to start position. 2x 10 repetitions.

3. Side to side.
Stand against a wall with your heels back against the skirting. Hands behind the head, fingers linked, elbows against the wall, head back. Take your upper body to both sides 10 times.
Keep your hips still and everything back against the wall. Relax the toes and stomach but tighten thighs. Do this 2x

4. Toe touch.
Stand how you should be standing, but throughout the exercise keep your weight on the balls of your feet. Just drop your head, neck, shoulders and arms and aim to touch your toes. Keeping your legs straight - do not bend at the knee - take 5 deep breaths, then hold this position for 30 secs, slowly raise back up.

5. Leg extension.
With your hands behind your head, lift one leg to knee height (or as high as possible) and extend it straight and flex your foot, hold this for 10 secs then change leg and do it again.

6. Leg swing.
Same instruction as ex 5, but this time swing the leg to the side and bring back to the front, without placing the foot on the floor, keep the foot flexed and toes pointing straight up. Hips stay facing front. 10x each leg.

7. Leg back swing.
Hold onto the back of a chair, take one foot off the floor and place your weight on one side. Flex the foot and take your leg straight back. Keep the foot flexed, toes pointing down, leg straight and the upper body upright. 10x each leg.

8. Squat.
Use the back of a chair for balance. Take your feet out wide, toes forward. Aim to take your bottom back and down into a squat. Keep your weight on the balls of your feet and make sure your knees stay behind your toes. Hold for 30 secs or more.

As always make sure you are standing with your feet hip distance apart, toes forward etc.