Weight Management & Dietary Analysis - it works!

The above pictures were taken in June and December, the results in only 6 months speak for themselves.

With a ‘healthy' diet, walking, cycling, sport and fitness classes, this lady was overweight, and not the size or shape she should have been. Something was not right!

Following a diet and lifestyle analysis, the excess weight and inches have gone - with NO dieting!
Weight 65.6 (10st 3lb) (down from 74.8kg = 9kg - 1st 4lb loss)
Body Fat 29.9% (down from 36.9% - 24-36% optimal)
Muscle mass 43.7kg (up from 42kg)
BMI 22.7 (down from 26.2)
Metabolic age 45 (down from 57)
Visceral fat 6 (down from 8)
Waist was 33, now 29.5, hips were 41, now 39.


If you struggle with weight issues, are tired of generic ‘diets,’ and would love to loose inches, call me. I have over 22 years experience and have helped many people to become fitter and healthier.

The results of my last 8 week Weight Management Course,
3 ladies, 24 lbs lost, and 17.5 inches gone from their waist and hips.
Below is the data report for 1 of the participants

The results of the previous group,
4 ladies, 24.5 inches lost from waist and hips, and 20lbs in weight.

Plus lots more gained benefits......

Most people think they have a healthy diet, in my experience it is not the case.

  • Are you sick of dieting, and just want to loose weight, healthily?
  • Have you got excess weight that just won't budge, no matter what you try?
  • Do you lack energy, feel constantly tired and irritable?
  • Do you have skin problems?
  • Does your daily diet REALLY stack up as correct - for you, personally?

I can offer you FULL dietary and weight analysis. 

After our initial meeting - which can be done in the comfort and privacy of your home, or mine - I will complete your personal profile with weights and measurements, I will then assess your completed food and drink diary. This will be broken down into carbohydrates, proteins and fats and also your vitamin and mineral intake, to see how this compares with current healthy eating recommendations.

**You will also receive an assessment of your calorie intake compared to your exercise levels - energy v expenditure - you may be eating too much, or too little.**

**You will be given detailed charts and recommendations to improve, or change your lifestyle, you will be scientifically weighed to assess your BMI, body fat, visceral fat, muscle mass, BMR and, of course, your weight.**

I offer a number of options,

1, personal dietary assessment
2, join a 'weight management' group
3, make your own group with friends or family
4, dietary assessments with training


1, A one-off personal assessment and weigh-in with your own personal recommendations, or
an 8 week process (with a 4 week extensions if required), with a week 1 assessment, followed by week 4 and week 8 assessments.

A one-off assessment will get you on the right track to understand how your current diet works for you, take it away and work on implementing my recommendations.

 4 and 8 week follow-ups will allow me to track your progress, and if necessary make further adjustments to capitalise on your optimum nutrition and dietary habits.

Costs - One-off assessment £70
            1-4-8 week assessment £190 (4 week extension £60)

2, Weight Management groups as and when, these will include training sessions 3x weekly.

3, If you have a few like minded friends or family, get together, support each other, and make your own group. Group assessments would be for the full 8 weeks. Maximum number of people 4, minimum number 3. Training sessions or classes can be added on by request.

4, Personal training, or personal training programs, can be provided by arrangement. Please contact me for further details.