Posture Alignment Therapy in the workplace.

Are you one of many people in an office-based environment suffering with aches and pains?
Are you sat at a desk for most of your working day?
Do you, or people around you, constantly complain of aches and pains?
Do you own, or work with, a company with an office-based workforce?
Are productive days lost due to back pain or joint issues?
Are you having to buy specialist chairs and equipment to counter health issues?
Are you trying to promote 'wellness' into your company?
Do you want to invest in the health and well-being of your staff to decrease sick days and increase productivity?

Posture Alignment Therapy as a 'wellness tool' is just as valuable in the workplace as in a group class or personal environment.

Tried and tested office-based exercise menus - no equipment or special clothing required - can be tailored to your working environment.

A daily 15 minute menu to re-invigorate postural muscles, re-estabish correct alignment, and rejuvinate mind and body will tackle issues such as carpel tunnel syndrome, headaches, back and shoulder issues and more.

Look after your staff and reap the rewards!

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