Following twinges in my lower back I realised I needed to make life and health changes so as not to risk further back surgery.  Following a recommendation by a friend, I took the plunge and contacted Karen re. Posture Alignment Therapy.
Following a detailed consultation, Karen provided me with specialist exercises suited to my own personal needs and requirements. I also started attending her Flex-ability classes twice a week and found these to be very friendly, enjoyable and informative as to core stability, balance, flexibility and the strengthening of muscles and joints.  In fact I have found muscles I’d accepted just could not be used! I am truly amazed to see myself standing straighter naturally and feeling so much healthier.

Karen Roberts.

As a Podiatrist that's worked extensively with Army physical training instructors, and physiotherapists, for 8 years, I know a thing or two about how to exercise safely; Karen's approach to her classes is that of a consumate professional, with personal safety at the forefront. 

There is a strong focus on working on core stability, which is an essential part of musculoskeletal health. Ultimately your four limbs and your head hang and balance on the pillar that is your spine, by developing strength in the muscles that support your spine your whole body dynamically benefits. 

Using sophisticated computer gait scanning technology, I have been able to scientifically demonstrate that Karen's classes work. Over a period of 4 months my centre of gravity has centralised, and become more stable, and the in-rolling in my left foot has completely disappeared. 

I used to have to visit my osteopath every 6 weeks but I have been pain free for 3 months - not to mention dropping a dress size, gaining fitness and having a lot of fun in the process!
Leah Claydon.

Many thanks to Karen, not only do I enjoy her classes, firstly you never get bored as she changes the routines frequently, I feel so much more healthier, stronger, and well toned, and seldom out of breath.
Secondly, after years of failed diets, Karen advised me to try her healthy eating plan, what a bonus! This plan suited me down to the ground, no more hunger pangs, just food glorious food, and up to date over a stone li
ghter,  what more could I ask.

Ellie Cope

I started Karen's classes in the spring, over-weight and under-fit, but enthusiastic. It has been many years since I had been to any kind of exercise class and I was a little afraid that I might either be the oldest one, the fattest one, the one with the least amount of any fitness (or stamina), or a combination of all three.  So it was with some trepidation that I joined the classes, and it is the best thing I have done for myself since I came here.

I never felt left out or awkward, and in fact I only missed a couple of classes in the summer when I went on holiday. I have also overcome the fear of being weighed in public and am trying to follow Karen's tips for a healthier life-style (not dieting). My weight did start to drop off and my whole body shape has changed through the 'body sculpting' and 'conditioning' classes. I look better, feel better, and most of all I did it for myself and have thoroughly enjoyed it.
Thank you Karen for giving me back my self-confidence in attending your classes and meeting some really lovely people.

Lesley Easton.

I have been attending Karen's fitness classes for six months. The classes have helped me maintain good fitness levels and I (and others) have noticed a
definite change in my body shape, and I am achieving a more toned appearance. The classes are fun and sociable. It's good to get together with like-minded ladies.
Carole Sullivan.

Many thanks Karen for your excellent aerobic classes that I have enjoyed over the past years. The exercises have always been set at a level that all those participating can manage, whether high impact or low, the routines are motivating and fun.
It has also been good to have the 'healthy lifestyle' information that you so professionally pass on to us all on a regular basis. Long may your classes continue.
Dianne Barrett.

Thank you for all your efforts on my behalf, you have truly made a difference to my fitness, and confidence to at least try the exercises. You never left me with the feeling of complete incompetence, for that I thank you; you always encourage. I shall miss your classes and hope to find something as good.
Val Haigh

Weight management 8 week course.

Thanks Karen, I am really chuffed with what I have done so far, which has only been achievable because of you and your course, without it I would have given up trying to lose that extra half a stone or so and probably ended up back to where I started!
Sue Tilt.

I made simple diet changes and have successfully adhered to it on a daily basis. I attended Karen's exercise classes 2-3 times a week and am happy to have lost 8 pounds in 8 weeks and 6.25 inches from my waist and hips.
This has given great incentive to continue eating the right things and exercise, I have never felt deprived or hungry and have enjoyed the new changes made to my life. Thank you Karen for your expertise and guidance.

H Taylor

I am so pleased that I joined this course, it has really helped me to get started on a healthier lifestyle. I hope to continue on now as I still need the encouragement and motivation of Karen and the classes.
D. Channing

When I saw Karen's Weight Management and Nutrition course, I thought this is just what I need to break my yo-yo dieting cycle. All I can say is that it was the best decision I have made in a long time.
After the 8 weeks I feel fitter, have more energy, and have the motivation to do more exercise.  I have learnt about eating a balanced, nutritious diet, and the importance of actually eating enough calories in order for my body to actually lose weight. 
Joining Karen's class was the kick start I needed to becoming a healthier, fitter and slimmer person, which, I know, by continuing to follow the guidelines and advice given to me I will eventually achieve.
Carmel Woodall

Karen is very professional and committed to helping others to improve their health and nutritional content and I have enjoyed working with her. My vital statistics have greatly improved and I certainly feel fitter and healthier.

M. Vaughn

Just come back from my annual check-up, blood sugar, cholesterol, weight down by 35lbs, diabetes nurse really impressed. Thanks for everything will continue to try to lose more.
John Foster.