Comment from latest ladies 50+ seminar.

Thank you for a very informative seminar & exercise plan. Even though I join the group each week, I felt I learnt even more about Postural Alignment than before. The added list of exercises will be really useful as it gives a structured routine to follow. My daughter was impressed with seeing & trying some of the procedures I have told her about. She thinks my mobility has increased & that I have become more flexible since attending the weekly classes so thank you for putting us through the routines. M. Price.

I am getting on well and noticing a good improvement, like being able to get up and down to the floor, able to kneel, able to put socks on standing up! And more energy! S.Houle.

Fibromyalgia workshop.

For those who suffer from with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

Defford Saturday 21st April 2.30-4pm

Learn how Posture Alignment Therapy can help to get your body into a more functional position to help ease the debilitating symptoms of these immuno related conditions. The best Egoscue resources will be given to allow you to help yourself keep well in your own time. 

Booking required. Price maximum £10

Other date and venues to be arranged, please inquire.


50+ seminar.
Please note; Refunds will only be given with 48 hrs notice of telephone cancellation. However, places can be re-booked on alternative dates if space is available at no charge. No-shows on the day will loose the deposit or pre-payment.

The consultation discount voucher is 20% off the cost of a 1/1.5hr consultation appointment, not the first assessment. This can also be transferred to a friend or acquaintance, but used one time only.

The 'metabolic age' readings offered will be given free of charge. However, other available readings such as weight, visceral fat, muscle mass, bone density, fat percentage, water percentage, BMI, etc will be chargeable.

If all spaces are taken, names will be kept 'on reserve' and/or you will be notified when other dates become available, on a first come, first served basis.

If you have specific medical conditions or ailments and do not disclose them, I will not be responsible for any injury or ill-effect that pertains to the advice, instruction, or exercises given.

The exercises given are tried and tested and completely safe and effective but must always be followed exactly as stated. I will not be responsible for any injury or ill-effects that result from completion of any exercise whilst not under my supervision.