Body Sculpt. 

Body Sculpt really does work! It is a 60 minute fitness class that consists of an aerobic warm up, followed by standing, and floor-based, *resistance exercise using resistance bands, to define, tone and shape the body.

Body Sculpt Intensive, (BSI) continues the use of resistance bands, but in a different way to Body Sculpt.

With BSI we work in a circuit. Carefully thought-out programs have been designed to give a total body workout that focuses on strength (fewer repetitions, more often) rather than the endurance of Body Sculpt.

Completing fewer repetitions but three or more times over means that the actual workload is greater than usual, it's easier at the time, but you are working much harder and it brings great results!

So who are these classes suitable for? Just about everyone really. If you want to strengthen and tone, if you are just getting back to fitness, if you don't want an energetic workout (but still want to see results), or want something to complement aerobic exercise, then Body Sculpt is perfect. There are differing strengths of bands from beginners to advanced, which will be changed as you improve.

Please note; For hygiene reasons I prefer my participants to use their own band. These can be purchased from me, and I will swop them F.O.C. as you progress and get stronger.

**Because of our increasingly sedentary lifestyle, osteoporosis is on the increase (1 in 2 women and 1 in 5 men over 50 will have bone fractures due to osteoporosis), if you have this debilitating condition, or feel you could be prone to it, you may be interested in 'The Science' below.**

The Science.

One of the outstanding benefits of *resistance exercise, as it relates to weight loss, is the positive impact of increasing energy expenditure during the exercise session, and somewhat during recovery, and on maintaining fat-free body mass while encouraging the loss of fat body-weight.

As people get older, osteoporosis tends to become more of an issue due to losses in bone mass density. Many people try to offset this problem by taking calcium supplements. However, extra calcium is only beneficial if the body absorbs it, and the body will only absorb it if there is a stimulus to do so (i.e. a stimulus to increase bone mass density). The most powerful stimuli for increasing bone mass density includes activities which put significant stresses on the bones, and resistance exercises are among the most effective of these.

*Explanation - Resistance exercise is any type of exercise that forces the muscles to contract against significant resisting forces.