Who am I?

I qualified as a Fitness Instructor, in 1993. It's difficult to think of life without keeping fit, and I will continue to help motivate people to include fitness and health as a part of their every day lives.

Eating healthily comes with the territory of being in fitness; in the past, nutrition has only been in my family's interest, until a friend asked me for some personal training and help with his diet. I devised a healthy eating plan and fitness regime for him, and he lost 10kg of fat in 2 months! He finds in easy to maintain his weight and feels a lot fitter and healthier.

I have since qualified as a Nutrition and Weight Management Consultant, tutoring more people individually to success. There have also been some great results from my weight management groups, the details are on the 'diet analysis' page.

Five years ago I qualified as an Egoscue Certified Postural Alignment Specialist. This followed on from 8 years of teaching group 'Flex-ability' classes which follow the same principles. The Egoscue method REALLY works and I look forward to relaying more of the benefits to more people!