'Flex-ability' (Posture Alignment Therapy).

Comments about 'Flex-ability'.

Following my knee-replacement operation, I followed Karen’s 'Flex-ability' exercises and can thoroughly recommend the program.  I can feel my knee strengthening and the pains in my feet - caused by a change in gait after the operation - have massively reduced. Stiffness in my shoulders and upper back has improved too. There is a general ‘feel good’ factor about the exercises. 

Sheila Mawhinney.

My balance, co-ordination and flexibility have all improved. After class my joints feel 'free-er' and I am reminded how I should be standing.

I always feel much looser and comfortable after lesson, no matter how stiff I feel at the onset. I have more balance, I can walk up and down stairs without using the rail, I can take trousers and socks off without using a chair, I just feel so much better all together.

I've been attending Flex-ability classes twice a week and found these to be very friendly, enjoyable and informative as to core stability, balance, flexibility, and the strengthening of muscles and joints.  In fact I have found muscles I’d accepted just could not be used. I am truly amazed to see myself standing straighter naturally and feeling so much healthier. Karen Roberts.

It's brilliant! The stiffness in my back has gone and the sciatica hasn't returned, I'm really pleased I tried it. Leslie Reid.

I cannot believe the pains in my feet and ankles have gone so quickly, I walked the dog for 1.5 hours at the weekend, I just can't believe it! Gill Hancock.

I always feel so much better coming out than when I came in! Nicky S.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • Do you have back, and joint (hip, knee, shoulder) aches and pains?
  • Do you lack flexibility and your lower back feels 'tight'?
  • Do you regularly see a chiropractor or osteopath?
  • Do your shoe heels wear unevenly?
  • Do you suffer from headaches/migraines/sinus problems?
  • If you don't exercise because of the above, would you like the incentive to do so?
  • If you don’t have problems, but would like to maximise your physical capabilities, protect against future accidents and dysfunction, and increase your energy levels.
  • Have you just had a baby and need a 'bridging' exercise to help your body re-adjust after pregnancy?
  • Do you play a 'one-sided' sport, such as tennis, cricket etc? If so, your body is probably imbalanced.
  • Do you sing, as a professional or amateur, and want to improve your vocals?
Using methods and techniques derived from over 20 years of bio-mechanical and functional anatomy research, ‘Flex-ability,’ will restore lost function by reintroducing the right amount, and right kinds, of movement.

This is not a fitness exercise class, this is exercise
therapy - there is a big difference! The specially developed exercises will expose your weak points and imbalances, however even small corrections will start to make a difference. Try it and see.

Defford Village Hall - Mondays 9.30am & Tuesdays 6.30pm

Birlingham Village Hall - Fridays 9.30am

Riverside Youth Centre, Pershore -Thursdays 3.30pm

£6 per class, cost-effective pre-pay option also available.
 Booking-in essential.
Wear non-restrictive clothing, no shoes are worn.

Post pregnancy.
During pregnancy your body adjusts to carry your baby and the additional weight as best it can. These changes will put pressure on your shoulders, back, hips and knees. 'Flex-ability' will help to correct, re-align, elongate, and relax tight muscles, and acts as a 'bridge' to get you into regular exercise again. 

Who is this class suitable for?
If you answered yes, or agreed with any of the statements above, then you will benefit.

If you would like to discuss your options please call me on 07954 544595.